dimanche 2 décembre 2007



Wavosaur is a powerful free audio editor for Windows XP, ideal for editing audio clips, sound designing, mastering, audio mangling and recording of your digital audio sounds. Wavosaur lets you edit all your samples and audio recording. You can cut, copy, paste parts of your digital recording. Wavosaur provides many tools and shortcuts to make the editing very fast and efficient. The program was designed to give a powerful audio editor but very easy and fast to use. Wavosaur is also a VST host, it means you can use VST effects on your audio recording, listen in real time to the audio processed by effects, and apply the effects of course. You can make a chain of effects, this means endless possibilities with all the VST plugins effects available nowadays. Wavosaur can record from your soundcard inputs, and lets you monitor your audio ports. Inserting loop points and markers to your audio files is very easy. Wavosaur is also MIDI controlable, you can use a MIDI control surface to command the main functions of Wavosaur.

* Cut ,copy, paste, trim-crop
* Loop points creation and markers
* VST host, effect chaining
* MIDI implementation
* 2D Spectrum analysis
* 3D Spectrum analysis
* Sonogram
* real-time oscilloscope waveform, FFT & pan
* Insert silence, fade, normalize, vocal remover etc.
* Complete statistics about the waveform
* AIFF, WAV, raw format support
* MP3 import
* Recording soundcard input
* Audio conversion
* And many more... 

changelog :

- Audio configuration dialog bug fixed (happening with RME Asio)
- Middle button on mouse is now active for moving sound file when right-click is used for contextual menu. Otherwise this is the right button that is used for dragging the waveform.
- Zoom on mouse pointer added : use the F3 and F4 keys to zoom on mouse pointer.
- Selection, markers and loop behavior improved (dragging and moving).
+ Multimedia keyboard keys support:
- Use you keyboard to command Wavosaur playing : Play, stop, next and previous command added
- It could be desactivated in editor configuration dialog
- Add marker by midi command added (MIDI CC 39): see .cfg file to configure the midi CC
- Sample edition added in 'Tools' menu: you can change the value of a single sample with the mouse.
- Add loop command added in batch processor: automatically add loop points at start and end of the processed files.
+ VST Rack updated:
- Up and down added to change the VST order ; use these button to move up or down the VST plugins in the effects chain.
- Mute, solo & reset function added for each VST plugin : you can now bypass or solo the plugins in the effects chain.
- Apply bug fixed
- Autoscrolling during play added: the feature could be desactivated in configuration dialog box
+ Vu meter added:
- Dockable
- Menu 'View'->Vu meter
- Configurable scale (popup menu for right click, saved in ini)
- Gapper effect updated: possibility to change gap frequency (start frequency and end frequency)
- Frequency editor parameters saved in ini file, check button added (menu)
+ Option toolbar added:
- Various configurations
- Show on/off selection grid lines & horizontal marker added
- Import binary bug fixed (frequency reset)
- ALAW & ULAW saving bug fixed
- Playbar behavior updated (arrow key and page up&dn)
- Grid lines automatically turned off for small selection
- Frequency editor updated with -60dB level
- Red noise synthesis added (brown(ian) noise by white integration)
- Main window positions and sizes are now memorized (ini file): it's always
possible to show the window maximized at startup in Editor configuration
dialog box.
- Reminder on close modified
- Ctrl+E added to zoom on selection
- Ctrl+R added to zoom out full

   Version Française :     Téléchargement Wavosaure en français          

   Aide en Français  :      Téléchargement Manuel d'utlisation en Français          

   English Version  :  Download Wavosaur

   Quick start Guide :  Download Quick Start Guide

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